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Pageant of Pigeons - LA Pigeon Club - LA Happens eps.#101 Add Video

On this episode of LA Happens we visit The Los Angeles Pigeon Clubs 96th Annual Pageant of Pigeons 2008 held at the Orange Show Fairgrounds. Some of the pigeons featured in this episode are Pomeranian Pouters my personal favorite, English Pouters my second favorite, Old German Croppers, Brunner Pouters, Horseman Pouter, Hana Pouter, Voorberg Shield Croppers, Norwich Croppers, Bavarian Pouters, Saxon Pouters, Pigmy Pouter, Jacobin Pigeon, Hungarian House Pigeons, Indian Fantails, Kings, Tumblers, Modenas. A male pigeon is called a cock and a female pigeon is called a hen. Pigeons generally mate for life. Some of the fancy pigeons you've seen in this video can cost hundreds even thousands of dollars. If you would like to learn more about pigeons please don't hesitate to ask. Below is a link to the LA Pigeon Club. Below is a link to the National Pigeon Club. Thanks for watching "LA Happens" eps.#101. Please be sure to check out my other shows here on Youtube: "Hollywood Happens" & "Real Estate Happens". I hope you'll become a subscriber:) John McQuilkin The Unofficial Spokesperson of Hollywood Host of: Hollywood Happens, LA Happens & Real Estate Happens

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