Australian Pouter and Cropper Club

Pouter Power

Czech Ice Pouter

Origin: Czechoslovakia.

Overall Impression: Medium large, stocky, ice colored pouter with erect bearing. Approximately 85 percent of the length should be in front of the legs with the remaining 1/8 from the legs to the tip of the tail.



Head: Oval; plainheaded; forehead somewhat curved.

Eyes: Orange to red. Eye cere narrow; delicate; dark gray.

Beak: Medium long; powerful; dark. Wattle undeveloped and flat.

Neck: As long as possible; pear-shaped globe without a waist.

Breast: Wide and full.

Back: Wide at the shoulders; long and sloping.

Wings: Powerful; lying close on the body; carried on the tail, not quite reaching the end of the tail; covering the back well.

Tail: Not too long; closed.

Legs: Powerful; medium long; thighs only slightly visible; feet unfeathered; nails dark.

Feathering: Tight, with lots of bloom which gives the color a light, delicate shade.

Color Class: Ice colored with black bars.

Color and Markings: Color even throughout the body; as light and delicate as possible; appears as ice in clear, pure water or similar to skim milk; bars as black as possible; long, parallel, and separated; flights and terminal bar on the tail as dark as possible; the tip of the tail must exhibit a small strip of ice color.

Areas to be Evaluated and Rated: Overall impression - Body form and bearing - Globe - Station - Color



- Too small, narrow body, too long figure.
- Lack of performance.
- Too little neck length and globe.
- Forms a good waist.
- Protruding breast bone (keel).
- Too high in station.
- Light beak and toe nail color.
- Light or reddish eye cere.
- Varying from ice color to light or bluish color.
- Bronze or green sheen on the neck.
- White back, belly, or vent.
- Faulty bars.